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Assist a student fulfil their musical dream by sponsoring them…


Sponsor-a-Student was pioneered by Jean-Michel Masson when he realised that an increasing number of students were terminating Masson Music training due to economic difficulties. Unable to support all the students on its own, Masson Music began approaching individuals, businesses and other organisations to assist. You too can get involved, here’s how…

About our Sponsor-a-Student Initiative

Masson Music have the vision of creating a ‘musical revolution’, by which our music students are trained from grass roots, knowing very little to nothing about making music, to becoming advanced musicians and then performing & recording artists in their own right!
We believe we can and are already making this happen through our unique business model where Masson Music gives students music lessons and opportunities for possible recording studio exposure and performance experience.

At present, the process of this remarkable transformation in musical talent is well on the go with some Masson Music students’ original music being released and listened to on Radio Stations. The fruits of Masson Music’s lessons can also be seen in the local church environment, where several Masson Music students are part of worship music teams and further more some are worship leaders.

Ultimately we want to develop various communities in the area of ‘Culture’ which we find in many cases is somewhat lacking as there is a lot of talent, but very few platforms & opportunities for artists! We believe we are now gradually creating and promoting these much needed platforms & opportunities!
Now from a community development point of view, we can’t do this alone! We believe we need to network with influential leaders & role players in society who can possibly be financial partners, help us spread the word regarding our initiative and be being role players in getting our communities to hear our students/ artists’ music!

Our effectiveness is limited to our sphere of influence as is yours. Therefore if we all work together, our combined sphere of influence is far larger and we can make this a success, making many musical dreams come true!

If you are willing to take hands with us, we currently need your assistance in the following:
We have a large number of our most promising music students who have little to no funding for their music lesson fees. Their reasons for no funding range from parents who have been retrenched and are currently unemployed, to parents who are totally absent and therefore don’t contribute to their children’s living in any way. It would be very unfortunate if the highly gifted students who don’t have funding have to stop attending Masson Music for music lessons; it will be even more unfortunate if they never have the opportunity to record their own music, perform and pursue their musical dreams. So this is where you’re support comes in; we are requesting your help in partnering with Masson Music by becoming financial sponsors to these specific students. Once enough sponsors join hands with us, we can then take our community development to an even greater level by offering sponsorships to other promising aspiring musicians who don’t even attend yet at Masson Music. The more sponsors who partner with us, the more under-privileged students we can help and develop.

Below is a breakdown of the Music Lesson fees that we hope you can contribute towards for these less fortunate students:
Monthly Fee per student R700
Annual Fee per student R8400
If you wish to become a sponsor, you have the option of either paying monthly or upfront for the year.

We will send you the names of the students who can’t afford these lessons; this way you know exactly who you are sponsoring, Once your sponsorship commences, we will send you bi-annual updates on the progress of the specific students you are sponsoring.

Your financial support for these talented learners towards the above costs will be so appreciated and will make a big difference in their lives. Your small or big contribution could be the very contribution which turns the average gifted music student into a successful recording & performing artists.

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