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Musical  Services

We provide a range of musical services…

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We aim to create a musical network where one company, Masson Music, can offer any musical service or solution.


Instrument Sales & Services

For all your Instruments and Sound Equipment Sales, Set-up & Service needs, contact Jamie Calderhead. T: 074 603 7505 E:   As a performing Singer/Guitar player of more than 30 years, Jamie brings his wealth of experience to the Masson team - not only as a musician, but [...]


Music Lessons

What We Offer We as Masson Music School offer music lessons on selected instruments. These instruments are Drums, Guitar, Keyboard/Piano and Vocal training. Music lesson sessions are divided into 2 separate categories, namely 'Basic Skill Training', and 'Intermediate to Advanced Training'. These sessions take [...]


Sound Hire

What We Offer Masson Music provides any Audio or Visual equipment for all events, whether big or small, along with a professional crew to engineer and operate. This is just some of the equipment and services we provide: Front of House Sound [...]


Recording Studio

Student Progress Recording Masson Music is passionate about giving students a well-rounded musical experience, so over and above the standard lessons and our Music Nights, we give our students the opportunity to record in studio. Each student is booked for studio once per year [...]

Enrol for Music Lessons

If you have the dream of being able to sing or play a musical instrument, enrol for our Music Lessons.