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Project Description

Student Progress Recording

Masson Music is passionate about giving students a well-rounded musical experience, so over and above the standard lessons and our Music Nights, we give our students the opportunity to record in studio. Each student is booked for studio once per year to record their progress, this recording session involves laying a track and learning about recording studios. This is done in a small group setting, allowing students to observe and learn about the recording process from the point of view of their instrument and a sound engineering/technical point of view.

The student progress recording gives students studio exposure and also allows the student, teacher and parent to track their learning progress in a tangible manner. Once the recording is done and edited it is upload to Masson Music’s online admin system for the parent/student to listen to, this is accompanied by a short email report detailing what has been achieved.

What does a Student Progress Recording entail?

  • Recording Session once per year

  • It is included in the Lesson Fees

  • Duration of Session is 3 Hours

  • Done in a Small Group

  • It is scheduled in place of Music Lessons for a particular week

  • Recording is upload to Student Portal

  • An email will also be sent to the Parent/Student about the recording

What are the benefits?

  • Evaluate and track skill development

  • Studio exposure

  • Learn to perform under pressure

  • Learn to play with accuracy