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Project Description

What We Offer

We provide practical musical training both online and in person at Music Campuses in eMalahleni (Witbank). We do so by offering lessons for guitar, drums, keyboard, and vocals. Music lesson sessions are divided into 2 separate categories, namely ‘Basic Skill Training’, and ‘Intermediate to Advanced Training’.

  • Vocal Training

  • Guitar Lessons

  • Drums Lessons

  • Keyboard Lessons

  • Beginner Violin Lessons – please note this follows a different lesson structure to all other Masson Music Lessons, follow this link for the Violin Lessons Info:

“Basic Skill” and “Intermediate to Advanced” Lessons

We advise that students who are starting out on a particular instrument start by attending the Basic Skill Training sessions. Students who have already been playing their instrument and /or have been receiving training for at least a few months can look into attending the Intermediate to Advanced Training. We also identify students from the Basic Skill Training sessions who we feel should move over to the higher level of training; this will be done on a regular basis as the sessions go on and as the students are evaluated. Basic Skill Training is done in the form of 1 hour group lessons which take place once a week. Intermediate to Advanced Training classes are done in the form of 1 hour lessons once a week in small group classes.

Teaching Style

Our teaching style focuses more on practical music training with theory being a secondary focus. This enables parents and student to see substantial progress in a short period of time which increases student motivation and enthusiasm. We also have a strong focus on developing confidence in each student which intern promotes music as a Performing Art, rather than just a hobby.

Pricing Structure

Basic Skill Training – R700 per student per month.
Intermediate to Advanced Training – R850 per student per month.

Once-off Enrolment Fee of R250.

Fee discounts are given to students that make upfront annual payments.

Online Platforms and Campuses

We give music lessons via various online platforms, namely:

  • Skype
  • Zoom

If necessary lessons can also be done via interactive videos.

If you would like to attend our “in person” music lessons, these are held at various campuses in eMalahleni (Witbank).

Music Nights

As part of the Masson Music teaching approach focused on promoting music as a performing art, we host Music Nights in eMalahleni (Witbank) featuring our top students in a band or solo act. The aim of these Music Nights is to build confidence in our students and give them the opportunity to apply what we teach them, i.e. “How to play in a live band” or “Perform in front of a crowd on stage”.


Monday – Friday

10:00 – 19:00


Jean-Michel Masson
Jean-Michel Masson
Teaches: Vocals, Guitar, Drums
Lauren Whittaker
Lauren Whittaker
Teaches: Keyboard, Guitar, Vocals