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Play with Passion

Masson Music offers a range of musical services, our primary function is a music school.

We also do AV production, Live Music and Sound Hire, just to name a few…

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Welcome to Masson Music

Masson Music provides a range of musical services our primary one being Music Lessons. We also provide Sound Hire, Live Music Entertainment, Recording Studio Services and Transportation (for our students).


Passionate about music and worship…

Jean-Michel has been a musician as far back as he can remember. Playing in church bands from the tender age of 12 years old, he knew his calling was music. After matriculating Jean-Michel pursued his musical career by starting a band and then later working on his solo career, something just didn’t fit. In 2013 he started Masson Music, with the intention of giving back what he had been given, years of musical mentoring and guidance, through this he found his musical passion. Jean-Michel is a talented drummer, guitarist and singer.
TERENCE SNELLTeachers Manager & Drums Specialist
I started from the age of 16 playing the snare drum in a school band as my school career come to an end, I made the switch to the drum kit. Having to go to a few lessons but couldn’t afford them, I then started to train myself by playing to cd’s which found my niché in alternative rock and praise and worship, thus influencing my progressive style of playing. From then on I started playing in a couple of church bands and fast forward to now, I get to teach this amazing instrument… What an opportunity!
LAUREN WHITTAKERKeyboard Specialist
Music has been apart of me since I learnt how to read and write, it’s a large portion of my identity and comes more natural to me than speaking. I’ve been blessed enough to have many different areas of exposure in my music career – learning from each experience and growing more and more spiritually too. I’m so grateful for the support I’ve had from family and friends and it’s an absolute honour to teach what I know and be as supportive as those who were there for me. I am a singer-songwriter, pianist, guitarist and so proud to be apart of the Masson music family.
Theuns discovered his love and passion for music when he bought his first acoustic guitar at the age of 15. Before long he developed a natural ear for music and traded in his acoustic for an electric he started his first few bands when he was in high school where he learned to take the lead. Ever since he never stopped playing,life took him on a few journeys and through that he got the opportunity to teach music to students who share the same passion. He is now a proud guitar specialist at Masson Music.
ARIS VANGUAssistant & Driver
Aris joined the Masson Music team at the beginning of 2018, he has been an avid fan of Masson Music for years. Aris is a passionate worship singer and his presence is known amongst his friends when they hear him constantly singing. Aris is Jean-Michel’s right hand man assisting with the operation of Audio and Visual Equipment at the events run by Masson Music. Aris has also been pivotal in the starting up of Masson Music’s transportation service, offering students transportation to and from their music lessons.


Masson Music is a Music Enterprise that operates primarily as an Independent Contemporary Music School.


Do you dream of being able to pick up your favourite instrument and play a song you love… then you got to enrol at Masson Music

Music Lessons


Any age… Any Level… For Every Individual


Student Sponsorships


Want to know more about sponsoring a student that can’t afford music lessons but is musically gifted….


Sound Hire


We any Audio or Visual equipment for all events, whether big or small, along with a professional crew to engineer and operate.


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